The Writer

Foto-pisac-3Unlike many of his colleagues Dalibor Cikojević has managed to successfully combine two artistic disciplines: literature and music. In addition to regular appearances as a concert pianist in Croatia and abroad, he has gained a reputation as a writer, publishing three novels which comprise a noteworthy musical trilogy. He wrote his debut novel, “The legacy of the last composers” in 2003 followed by the novel “The Last Niccolo Amati violin” in 2006 which has since been adapted into a radio drama recorded for the Croatian Radio. His musical trilogy is rounded by the novel “Virtuosos, muses and striptease” (2010), which was translated into German and was awarded the “Steiermärkische Sparkasse” prize for best foreign novel. The novel was accompanied by a CD recording of Dalibor’s Beethoven, Franz Liszt and Boris Papandopulo piano works interpretations. A play “Zdenka strip” directed by Robert Raponja and based on the novel “Virtuosos, muses and striptease” was written and premiered in Osijek in 2012. Dalibor Cikojević has graduated piano (Magister Artium) at the Hochschule für Music and Performing Arts in the class of Alexander Jenner, and now works as a professor of piano at the Academy of Music in Zagreb – where he currently holds the position of the Dean of the Academy (since 2013).


muzeVIRTUOSOS, MUSES AND STRIPTEASESkillfully balancing between fiction and documentary-historical reality, the novel «Virtuosos, muses and striptease», in a very original way, connects six interesting and intriguing stories from the lives of people whose destiny is determined and guided by music. At the heart of the author’s attention are the complex relations between artists and their muses, and beside true episodes from the lives of music giants such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt, there is a particularly intriguing and very interesting intimate confession of Zdenka P. the last wife of the Croatian composer Boris Papandopulo.  In this unusual novel, you’ll learn something about striptease, and a peculiar promenade will take you on a musical journey through time, from 6th century BC until the present day. When on the last page of the book all the stories come to an end and the words stop, all that has remained beyond words and thus incomplete, will be heard and felt through the music on the CD that is on the cover of the novel. The compositions that are mentioned in the novel are performed by the author of the novel himself, thus offering a unique way of connecting music with prose through an unforgettable artistic experience.



violinaTHE LAST VIOLIN OF NICCOLO AMATI – This novel is about the creation of a violin in the late 17th century in the workshop of the famous master of Cremona, Nicola Amati and its journey through history to the present day. In this thrilling journey through the centuries wandering from one human destiny to another, the violin gets into the hands of famous violin virtuosos Niccolò Paganini and Fritz Kreisler. It also determines the life course of Katunarić family whose story we follow parallelly to historical events. «Violin» is a novel in which fiction gets mixed with historical reality reconstructed on the basis of real facts and documents, letters and newspaper articles that illuminate certain episodes in the lives of the great artists and masters of violin. In today’s world of disturbed values and priorities, determined by the logics of profit and globalized capitalism, this book directs us to examine our own relationship with the tradition, humanism and cultural heritage upon which our civilization is based.




skladateljLEGACY OF THE LAST COMPOSER  – After an unexpected news of the death of the composer Anton Šimecki, his follower and disciple, young musicologist Davor Tušek tries to clarify the circumstances of the death of his teacher and spiritual leader. In his legacy he finds the letters to an unknown woman with whom Anton Šimecki corresponded during a great part of his life without ever meeting her. Davor Tušek starts searching for her hoping to learn more about the mysterious life and death of the great composer. This exciting story leads us through the secrets of music in the manner of a true detective novel and reveals the unusual destinies of people who have devoted their lives to music.